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Mister Donut


This is most famous Donut shop in Japan. Called by “Misudo”.

There is a lot of kinds donut.They often collaborate with Japanese Anime. Like this photo

These are popular donut list

No.1 ポンデリング(Pon De ling)

No.2 エンゼルクリーム(Angel Cream)

No.3 チョコファッション(choco Fasion)


吉野家/すき家/松屋(Yoshinoya/ Sukiya/ Matsuya)

Gyudon is one of the most well-known fast foods in Japan.
Gyudon, or beef bowl, is a simple meal of beef and onion on top of a bowl of rice.
Although it is a simple meal, it is cooked with a delicious sweet soysauce and so it is loved by everyone.
In Japan, there are several gyudon stores.
Yoshinoya, Sukiya, and Matsuya are the famous gyudon franchises.
These stores do not only sell authentic gyudon but also pork bowls, chicken bowls and so on.
Similar to McDonald’s, these fast food stores also have breakfast menus for the morning.
Most stores serve traditional Japanese breakdfast foods such as rice, cooked fish, miso soup, egg, natto (fermented soy beans), dried seaweed and so on.
The breakfast menu often costs less than 500 yen, so it’s a great chance to try a Japanese style breakfast.

If you want to eat basic Gyudon → 吉野家(Yoshinoya)

If you want to eat various kinds(flavor and toppoing) of Gyudon → すき家(Sukiya)

If you want to eat set meal → 松屋(Matsuya)

長崎ちゃんぽん リンガーハット(Nagasaki Chamopon Ringer Hut)

Japanese ramen is world famous. But there isn’t enough menu for vegetarian. SO champon is a kind of ramen noodle soup topped with a variety of ingredients such as vegetable and some seafood.

しゃぶしゃぶ温野菜(Shabu-shabu Onyasai)

This is Shabu-shabu restaurant. Shabu-shabu is a Japanese dish where very thinly sliced beef is cooked in a traditional hot-pot full of boiling broth.
The meat is cooked by gently dipping and waving it around in the broth with chopsticks. The beef is so thin you can almost see through it, so it cooks quickly and is ready to eat as soon as its color changes. “Goma-dare” (sesame sauce) and “ponzu” (soy sauce mixed with citrus vinegar) are the most popular sauces for shabu-shabu.
Basically, most people eat meat, but it is another attraction that they can eat vegetables as well.
You can also put vegetables and tofu in the pot and enjoy as well. Once all the beef and vegetables are eaten, the meal is finished by boiling flat noodles called “kishimen” in the remaining broth.

This restaurant is popular in Japan. You can find any city.

They have all-you-can-eat for 1.5 hours. About 3000 yen p/p
You can chose 2 kind soups.
Some restaurant have all-you-can-eat with sushi men
I recommend these two branch who is going to Hakuba or Tokyo tower.


[Branch name]
しゃぶしゃぶ温野菜 田町三田口店 ← Close to Tokyo tower(20 min by foot)

address:東京都港区芝5丁目31−24 勝文館ビル7F

しゃぶしゃぶ 温野菜 長野駅前店 ← Close to Nagano station(3 min by foot)

address:長野県長野市826 C-OneビルB1F

はなまるうどん/丸亀製麺(Hanamaru Udon/Marukame Seimen)

Udon is one of traditional noodle made of wheat flour. Udon is very thick noodles. When you eat Udon, it’s in a Japanese-style broth, or you dip Udon into thick tasting soup. These two restaurant is most popular in Japan. They have almost same menu and both of tasty. By the way my recommend menu is “Kake-Udon” with “Kakiage(Deep fried vegetables)” .

These restaurant are self-service shop. It’s pretty complicate for taking order.

So i put tutorial.


Soba is one of traditional noodle made of noodles made from buckwheat flour. And Nagano(Hakuba) is a famous place for producing Soba.

Many people make slurping noises when they eat soba. It’s not considered bad manners in Japan. By slurping up the noodles together with air, you can enjoy the aroma as well as the taste.

Soba is served either cold with a dipping sauce or hot in broth. Hot soba in broth is called “kake soba” and cold soba on a bamboo basket or a plate is called “mori soba”. Zaru soba is a form of mori soba. Zaru soba is cold soba topped with shredded nori seaweed and served on a bamboo basket. Various ingredients such as tempura, deep-fried tofu, or a raw egg are put on top of hot soba.

They say that soba is healthy. Soba is rich in rutin.

I recommend these two branch who is going to Hakuba or Tokyo tower.

ぼっち(Botti) ← Close to Nagano station(3 min by foot)

address : 長野県長野市大字南長野南石堂町1326 長野プラザホテルB1F

 そば神(Sobagami)← Close to Hakuba station(5 min by foot)

address : 長野県北安曇郡白馬村大字北城2126−2

大地を守るDeli(Daichi wo mamoru Deli)

If you use Tokyo Station, Bento at this shop is recommended for Vegan.

This deli shop is in 1F South Court inside the turnstiles at Tokyo Station.

Lunch, salad, and soy sauce using organic and contract-grown vegetables grown as little as possible with pesticides are characteristic of this deli shop. Especially Vegetable Sushi(野菜寿し) is nice for Vegan.

But Tokyo station is quite hard to reach your destination. If you have enough time I recommend buy it.


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