konbini-chocolate and snacks


In Japan, convenience stores are referred to as konbini.
Japan has over 54,000 konbinis.
Seven Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart have the most stores, respectively.
These three companies manufacture original goods under their own private brand.
Most of the private brand goods are snacks and food items.
Konbinis offer 24 hours services including ATMs, copy machines and sales of movie, concert and amusement park tickets.
You can buy rice balls, bento boxes and sandwiches at konbini.
When you purchase a bento box, the clerk will ask if you’d like it heated up.
Konbini sandwiches are popular with the foreign population in Japan.
The sandwiches are strictly temperature controlled until arriving at the store, and the vegetables remain very fresh for your enjoyment.
Most konbinis sell alcohol, but some do not. And you can drink on street.
Most konbinis sell tobacco products, but some do not.
Tobacco and alcohol require age verification on the register screen.
Pushing a button allows you to purchase these items.
Most konbinis have coffee for sale.
The coffee is generally very cheap at 100 – 200 yen.
Konbini coffee is generally located to the side of the register as self-service, although some chains will serve the coffee for you as well.
The preparation method for coffee varies from paper drip to espresso machines depending on location.
If you find a konbini coffee you enjoy, it will be much cheaper than Starbucks or other major coffee specialists.
Oden is popular especially during winter. Oden is a hot pot filled with vegetables, boiled eggs, and white fish paste specialties, served with fish stock soup.
Oden is usually eaten with Japanese mustard. It’s delicious!

whatever Konbini has a lot of stuff. I will introduce some food and snack menu


ブラックサンダー(black thunder)

たけのこの里(Takenoko no sato)
アーモンドチョコレート(Almond chocolate)

チロルチョコ きなこもち(chirol choco kinakomochi)

パイの実(pie no mi)

コアラのマーチ(koala no march)


カントリーマーム(Country Maam)

Giant Caplico


salty snacks


ハッピーターン(Happy Turn)

柿の種 ワサビ、チョコ、梅しそ(Kaki no Tane)especially wasabi, chocolate or salted plum flavor
堅あげポテト ブラックペッパー(Kataage potato)especially Black Pepper flavor
ピザポテト(pizza potato)

歌舞伎揚げ(Kabuki age)


とんがりコーン 焼きとうもろこし(Tongari Corn)Especially Yaki toumorokoshi flaver

うまい棒 めんたい味、コーンポタージュ味(Umai Bo)especially Mentai or Corn Potage flavor

These are my recommend some of the many products, but all are long-selling products.
You can find them at many convenience stores and supermarkets.

Next is drink


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