konbini-light meal

Light meal




There are many kinds and you can enjoy various tastes of them. And usually it’s easy to see inside.

But especially you need my recommend. I show you these 3

たまご!たまご!!たまご!!!(EGG! EGG!! EGG!!!)

You can enjoy any type flavor of eggs



とんかつサンド(Tonkatsu Sand)

Deep fry pork sandwich

いちごサンド(Ichigo Sand)

One of dessert sandwich that is only strawberry

Rice Ball

There are many kinds and you can enjoy various tastes of them. More than Sandwich

But almost cant see inside. So I show some good rice ball for vegetarian.

日高昆布(Hidaka konbu)

Sea kelp that’s marinated with soy sauce

わさび野沢菜(Wasabi Nozawana)/ 野沢菜こんぶ(Nozawana konbu)

Nagano is also famous for its Nozawana, a Japanese leaf vegetable. Pickled Nozawana is one of the most typical local foods in Nagano.



Ume is pickled plum. There is many kinds Ume rice ball. But this one is best. Sold by only SEVEN ELEVEN


Bonito flakes mixed with soy sauce

悪魔のおにぎり(Akuma no Onigiri)

Top selling items last 2 years. It is made based on Okaka rice balls fillings. SOLD by only LAWSON


Fermented soybean with soy sauce. Tactile feeling is bad but taste is delicious. Let’s try

Next is Instant noodle

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