konbini-Instant noodle

Instant noodle

Basic Noodle


Most popular and oldest instant noodle in Japan. There is many flavors. But these 5 is classical and tasty. From above left side Soy, Seafood, Curry, Chili Tomato and Sio(salt). Especially Chili Tomato is good

担々麺(tan tan men)

蒙古タンメン中本(Mouko tanmen nakamoto)

Too hot noodle. But tasty. So this noodle has many crazy fans. If you like spicy food, Should try this.

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北極ラーメン(Hokkyoku ramen)

Tooooooooo hot noodle. But tasty. Looks is quite similar with above noodle. If you feel good for 蒙古タンメン中本, Try ageain!!

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Fried Noodle

一平ちゃん(Ippei chan)  / ごつ盛り(Gotsu Mori)

These two are basic flavor Fried Noodles and my recommend as well.

やきそば 激辛 MAX END(Yakisoba Gekikara Max END)/ 激辛!やきそば(Gekikara! Yakisoba)

These two is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. Almost eating for penalty or party game.

Oiled Noodle

ぶぶか 油そば(Bubuka Abulasoba)

This is popular one of Oiled Noodle

ブタキム 油そば(Buta Kimu Aburasoba)

This is my recommend one. Pork and Kimchi flavor

Instant Rice

This one is a established Instant food last few years.

ぶっこみ飯(Bukkomi Meshi)

Noodle soup risotto

カレーメシ(Curry Meshi)

Instant Curry Rice. But feel like curry risotto

ハヤシメシ(Hayashi Meshi)

Instant Hashed Beef Rice.

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